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Monday, April 14
We are happy to announce to our readers and faithful customers that we have now expanded to include some of the high quality, attractive and compact knives at

Included in this broad selection are pieces like the Fixed Blade Green Handle Outdoor Knife. This versatile knife is perfect for all of your outdoor needs, covering any hunting or camping task with ease. 

Another line of knives in this selection that one might find to be a must have is Elk Ridge folding knives. These small and compact knives are convenient to carry yet effective in use. Many of these knives come in custom colors and an assortment of different designs. 

M-Tech is another line of knives that fall under the Licensed Marine Knife selection. The M-tech knives are built with rugged construction and can handle many different tasks with ease.

We also now carry the Tac-Force EMT Spring Assisted Knife. This tool measures 4.75 inches, small enough to carry in the pocket when not in use. A handy LED light is located on the base of the aluminum handle. You can find many more Tac-Force Knives here.

As an added surprise, we are very excited to announce that we now carry Turtle Man Bowie Knives. For those that enjoy watching reality television programs on Animal Planet, The Turtle Man is no stranger. Ernie Brown, often referred to as the Turtle Man of Kentucky, has entertained thousands of viewers during his quest to rid individuals of unwanted critters, only to safely release them into the wild. Now you can own one of Ernie's trusted knives. These bowie knives feature wood handles and quality stainless steel blades.

We are planning to keep expanding on our collection of high quality knives and look to add Licensed Navy Knives in the near future. Make sure that you frequently return to read about the updates and additions that could likely lead you to an item that you are searching for.

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Tuesday, March 18
If you aren’t aware, there is a fantastic fantasy series aired on HBO. Game of Thrones has successfully captured the attention and hearts world wide. This series contains several different elements to hold the attention of a variety of show watchers. The first of several elements is the romance. Whats a good show without romance? From healthy young love to the unspeakable affairs, this series is a must see for romance fanatics. For those that prefer a little action in their diet, Game of Thrones is jam packed full of action, from defending the family honor and home front in Civil War like battles to battling the cold, frigid weather against a nightmarish  creature that may find an unprepared individual The third element would be that of revenge and returning something of high value to the rightful owner. 

With a great mixture of plot and emotion, it is no wonder this favored series is soon to birth the fourth season. Not only does this series contain exceptional visual effects from multiple countries, but also a superb cast that includes Sean Bean, Michelle Fairley, John Bradley, and Mark Addy, just to name a few.

With the fourth season coming soon, we are pleased to announce that we now carry the much sought after Licensed Game of Thrones Replicas and Costumes. The famous sword of Jon Snow, also known as Longclaw, is easily identified by the long slender latex body with contrasting black and silver coloring complete with the lion head mounted on top of the sword. Order your Officially Licensed Replica Jon Snow Longclaw LARP Sword here. Another popular item we are happy to announce is the LARP Sword of Robb Stark. This sword is made from a safe latex material, perfect for LARP use. This sword is 41 inches long and features an attractive dark handle with gold guard. These swords are available at Replica Dungeon and offer a more realistic feel during LARP Play.

As a special announcement, for those that are avid fans of the 300 movies, we now offer the newest addition 300: Rise of an Empire items that are currently in stock!!

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Tuesday, February 18

If you were one lucky enough to have taken the time to see the hit movie 300 in 2007, you will be excited to know that the next chapter is soon to be released in March, 2014. 300: Rise of an Empire continues with the same action packed excitement brought on by the notorious Frank Miller. In 300: Rise of an Empire, a majority of the same characters will take you into another heart pounding battle, only this time; it takes place on the sea. We are extremely excited to announce that we now offer licensed products from this certain to be next huge success in the movie industry that can be viewed here.

Our line of licensed products contain items such as the unique Spartan Helmets, worn by an army of 300. The Helmet of Greece and Themistokles Helmet. These helmets feature an antique, battle scarred finish. Also in the collection are shields, daggers and authentic attire. With the items in this collection, you can bring the movie into your home. While these products are currently on a pre-order status, it is important to get your order in soon as many of these items are sure to go quickly.

Some of our favorite items that are expected to bring the most attention include the Dagger of Artemisia, an attractive piece measuring 17 inches long with a scaled body and impressively designed lion head. You can see the Dagger of Artemisia here. Another selection is in the attire line, a Greek Blue Cape. This cape is made from 100% cotton and features a deep royal blue color. Measuring 48 inches long, this cape secures at the neckline and comfortably falls down the backside. Also available is the Spartan Long Cape, made from distressed cotton and available in your choice of red or black material. The Spartan Long cape measures 70 inches long and also secures at the neck with an attractive Spartan broach.

With the mounting excitement of the release of the newest saga, we once again encourage early ordering to ensure that the item of your choice is available. With the new items on pre-order, you are sure to receive items that add excitement to your collection. View even more licensed replicas from 300: Rise of an Empire at

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Thursday, February 6

Who can resist the adorable face of the lovable yet fierce Kili, bound and determined to win the quest of another adventure, led by the notorious Thorin Oakenshield. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is another surefire hit that was released in December 2013. This well created fantasy movie, nominated for three academy awards did a fine job showcasing the creative arts. This fantastic movie was nominated for best visual, best makeup and best special effects. While many love to follow the many adventures of the tiny fire battling herd, others will delight to own a piece of the action.

New to the arsenal are the Fighting Knives of Legolas Greenleaf. This knife set is a one of a kind, authentically certified replica of that used on stage. This set includes 2 twin knives, both with Elvin design. Created with a full tang, both of these blades  measure 15 3/4 inches and are crafted from stainless steel with an attractive gold tone. This collection is one that will look great mounted on a special Hobbit fanatics wall and will encourage conversation for years to come. You can find the new Fighting Knives of Legolas Greenleaf in stock now on our Hobbit page at Replica Dungeon.

For the serious Hobbit fan, the best choice is certainly known as a best seller, the Orcrist Sword and Scabbard that can be viewed here. This perfectly matched set includes the sword of Orcrist, measuring 38 3/4 inches long that features a delicate leaf pattern and “The Goblin Cleaver" etched into the blade. The scabbard features the same attractive design as the sword, making the pair the perfect selection to display for those with a creative mind.

Our product line has the capability of capturing the attention of any Hobbit fan. For those looking for the most common piece associated with this series, perhaps something along the lines of the Sword of Thranduil might interest you. Maybe you are looking for the unusual, such as Tauriels’ bow and arrow, or a pair of fighting knives may suit you. For the more powerful thrill seeker, you can find the staff of Thranduil, or a mace belonging to Azog the Defiler. For a laid back easy approach, there is always the double bladed pole arm. What ever it is that your internal Hobbit desires, you can find it in our collection. Take a moment to view the various items and find exactly what you are looking for when you want quality Hobbit material.

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Sunday, August 4
For all of my fellow Hobbit Fans, the 2nd Hobbit Movie, The Desolation of Smaug is due in theaters mid December 2013.  We're excited to announce the pre-order of  two new replica Hobbit Swords that will be available soon.

Fili and Kili are brothers, the youngest of thirteen Dwarves who set ou on Thorin Oakenshoield's quest along with Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins to reclaim the Lonely Mountain for the Dwarves.

These swords have a unique design very different from any of the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit Swords.  Like all of the other swords from these are sure not to disappoint.

Sword of Fili

Sword of Kili

Check out the complete line up of Hobbit Swords here.

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Saturday, July 27
For all collectors, gun enthusiasts, and John Wayne fans, I'd like to present the Officially Licensed John Wayne Replica Guns.

John Wayne an American Legend has a career that spanned more than 50 years with many popular movies like Rio Brava, The Ringo Kid in Stagecoach, and True Grit to name a few.  To this day John Wayne still ranks near the top of America's most popular movie stars.

With the new line on official replica guns, you can bring a piece of John Wayne to your mantle, home theater,  office, or end table.  These replica gun collectibles are a must have for John Wayne fans and collectors.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the John Wayne Replica Gun Collection.

John Wayne M1873 Pistol

John Wayne M1873 Frame Set
John Wayne Stagecoach Shotgun

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Friday, July 5
Coming November 2013 is the signature edition of Michonne's Katana from the hit TV series, The Walking Dead.  This will be a authentic replica of the katana used by Michonne.  The katana is a full tang, hand forged katana manufactured with 1045 high carbon steel.  The blade includes Michonne's signature.  The sword comes with a cool Walking Dead sword stand to display in all its glory.

Be prepared to protect yourself from the "walkers" and the "biters" by getting yours on order.  There will be only 5000 pieces manufactured worldwide and they'll sell out quick.  See this and more replica swords at

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Sunday, March 24
Summer is just around the corner and is a busy time for historical reenactments.  Get ready to relive the days of the old west with these new western pistol replicas.  We continue to add to our huge collection of western replicas with these new, highly detailed pistols.

View the entire selection of Western Pistols here.

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Sunday, March 10
The hugely popular Walking Dead TV series is an American Horror television show that is based on the popular Walking Dead comic series.

The Walking Dead first premiered back in October 2010 on AMC and was recently renewed for a fourth season.

For all of the fans out there, we have an exciting announcement.  Coming this May 2013 is the Walking Dead Sword replica that is used by Michonne or also known as Samurai Girl in the Walking Dead Series.

The Walking Dead Samurai Sword is 42 inches overall and made of 1045 high carbon steel with genuine ray skin and leather on the handle wrap and strap.

This sword is an officially licensed, limited addition sword that comes with a certificate of authenticity.  

Pre-Order yours today to be sure you get one of these amazing limited edition swords.  Trust me, you don't want to miss out of this one!

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Thursday, February 14
For all of the Samurai Warriors out there looking to expand their collection of authentic Samurai Swords we have recently added several new swords.  These swords blade include high quality carbon steel and hand forged damascus steel from the popular Ten Ryu collection.  Here are a few of the new Samurai Swords you will find on

You can view our complete line up of high quality samurai swords here.

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